Arunachal – an experience between land and clouds

Arunachal was an experience of a lifetime…..almost a Bollywood movie with stories of beauty, betrayal, patriotism and love all intermixed with scenic locations and  amazing weather. It was a choice to visit only one of the Seven Sisters of the North- east since we had been keen on exploring Arunachal without the rush to do […]

Filler slab

Filler slab is alternate slab construction technology where part of concrete in bottom of slab is replaced by filler material. The basic principal of filler slab is that the concrete in bottom half of RCC slab is structurally not required (concrete acts as compression material which is required in top half portion of slab). So […]

Role of surface pro in architectural design

One of the most challenging aspect of architectural design is to be able to visualize the complex geometrical forms. There are software and tools to make digital models of the building and analyse them. Typically, this process happens in office because you need powerful computers to run these softwares. During the construction when you are […]

An experimental workshop in arches, vaults and domes!

We got an email from Africa which got us super-excited! The ‘client’ said all the right things….she mentioned that she loved our project ‘ The Brick House’ and wants to have a similar sense (mind you, not the exact same replica, which too people have asked for) of aesthetics in a community building in Malawi […]

What google suggests about architects

Came across these funny google suggestions about architects while surfing…   Even google believes architects are poor

Rat trap bond

Rat trap bond is a brick masonry method of wall construction, in which bricks are placed in vertical position instead of conventional horizontal position and thus creating a cavity (hollow space) within the wall. Architect Laurie Baker introduced it in Kerala in the 1970s and used it extensively for its lower construction cost, reduced material requirement and better […]

Why (the hell) did I become an architect ?

Hi guys, I am Prashant Dupare. When I heard the word ‘architect‘ and found its origin to be ‘archi+tekton’ which means chief builder, I thought wow, this sounds cool. But then what does an architect actually do? (Google was till to become famous at that time) My dad told me about planning and buildings but frankly, […]

What does an architect do ?

A lot of people ask me what an architect actually does.  The most common is ‘do you design the pillars?’ It is like asking the surgeon if he administers anaesthesia to the patient. While the anaesthetist is a very important part of the operation, he is not the orchestrator of the operation. What we as […]