The Hillcrest Bungalow scheme is a 48-bungalow layout project on a 9-acre plot in Karjat. The amenities include a 7500 sq.ft clubhouse with pool and open garden space. The bungalow layout  is a world of shaded pathways, sunlit courtyards, green backyards and the open balconies. One walks through meandering paths to Spanish homes with traditional arches, sloping roofs, courtyards and warm stone and bricks. The sloping site allows a view from each balcony to the sunset or the mountains.

The bungalows and rowhouses are designed keeping in mind, basic climatic principles with smaller courts, ensuring  comfortable homes with focus on planning for light, ventilation and spaces. These homes have been designed keeping in mind the functionality and low maintenance. A leisurely stroll on the tree-lined roads leads one to the clubhouse. The clubhouse has been spread out so as making it fun to explore and with nooks and crannies to allow for groups to make spaces their own. It is a haven for children and adults with the pool, gymnasium and outdoor games area.