Role of surface pro in architectural design

One of the most challenging aspect of architectural design is to be able to visualize the complex geometrical forms. There are software and tools to make digital models of the building and analyse them. Typically, this process happens in office because you need powerful computers to run these softwares. During the construction when you are at site, you see the building taking shape and looking at the built form you keep thinking of various possibilities to achieve the best result. On site, we rely on printed drawings to analyse the building. To take the design process to next level, you have to go back to office to those computers.


conceptual sketch – layout drawing – digital model

This is where Surface Pro makes a difference. I can carry my digital models on site, modify them, use the stylus to sketch and explore various design possibilities and assess them in real time.


Let me show an example of our project brick house. (The project won some prestigious awards and got published on various media platforms.) The idea was to design free flowing organic form which merges with surrounding landscape.

The design process started with conceptual sketches. Instead of using pen and paper, stylus allowed to draw on screen. Since sketch is in digital form, it is convenient to convert them into to-scale drawings and develop three dimensional form using the softwares.



overall structure : site image – sketch – site – finished site



Since the form of house was unusual, we had to customize lot of elements. It was continuous process of exploring ideas with sketches and developing the digital model and technical drawings. During the construction, we could sketch directly on site images to explore ideas and get conceptual visual of finished product. Not only it helped in designing but it also helped explaining designs to client and contractors. Versatility of Surface device allowed us to develop conceptual design and take them to finished built product.

It is amazing how Surface Pro can be used to help us create beautiful things!





staircase railing : site image – sketch – finished site


living room space : sketch – digital model – site – sketch – finished site


wash basin : site image – sketch – finished site


external grill : site image – sketch – finished site

















































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