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Asundaria Farmhouse @ Vesma, Gujarat

The Lake House in Vesma, Surat An interesting architecture of brick and stones, the Asundaria farmhouse is planned climatologically with focus on views. Each area has a sense of completeness and connected with interesting passages. The use of courtyards ensures light and ventilation. The plunge pool within the house will help control the micro-climate of the space, […]

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Why (the hell) did I become an architect ?

Hi guys, I am Prashant Dupare. When I heard the word ‘architect‘ and found its origin to be ‘archi+tekton’ which means chief builder, I thought wow, this sounds cool. But then what does an architect actually do? (Google was till to become famous at that time) My dad told me about planning and buildings but frankly, […]

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What does an architect do ?

A lot of people ask me what an architect actually does.  The most common is ‘do you design the pillars?’ It is like asking the surgeon if he administers anaesthesia to the patient. While the anaesthetist is a very important part of the operation, he is not the orchestrator of the operation. What we as […]

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Mount Litera school walk-through

Walk-through of Mount Litera School at Bathinda, Punjab, India designed by iSTUDIO architecture

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Hello !

Hello, people, I am Shriya Parasrampuria, co-founder & partner at iStudio architecture, Mumbai, India. We are a young architecture firm who set out to do something for ourselves. To make a name, an identity and a place in History. We soon realised that we have a long, long way to go and there are times […]

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