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Frames, Godrej Platinum, Vikroli

Apartment of Frames, Vikroli, Mumbai is a 3BHK residential apartment in Godrej Platinum with a vibrant modern design aesthetic. Each room has its own language yet has retained a homogeneity in look and design. The idea of interlocked boxes is juxtaposed on the walls and ceiling. The use of lights and colours helps in defining distance and depth […]

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2504, parkwoods, thane

Based in Mumbai, iSTUDIO architecture is a collaboration of architects, open to experiments and innovation in architecture and interior design. Refusing to cater to any typology of architecture,  iSTUDIO strives to respond to each project contextually be it clients requirements or site demands. Thus considering project circumstances, the firm gets involved in all aspects of the project- design, costing, selection of […]

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